Live Sports Roulette

The FIFA World Cup is arguably the biggest sporting spectacle in the world. This year, the host country is Russia and the tournament kicks off on June 14 with an estimated viewership of 3,5 billion people worldwide. It is possible to get sports commentary on any sporting code almost anyhow these days – via your mobile, laptop, television streaming, radio and other services, for example which allows you to watch from almost anywhere. You may be in a cafe, restaurant, hall, mass public transport system and be able to either watch or hear the live commentary. Anywhere that is, except the thrill of a casino where the lure of luck and concentrated excitement has been deemed to demand full focus – until now.

Live Sports Roulette Is A Winning Innovation – You Can Bet On It

Innovative gaming formats such as live sports roulette mean you can now enjoy the best of gaming with the best of sports streaming and commentary simultaneously. Gone are the days in which you’d have to sacrifice either your favorite online gaming pastime or catching that game that only comes around once in every four years – and the synergy of the two is bound to make for an energized experience that will be hard to beat.

A match made in gaming heaven

Why did it make sense for forward-thinking gaming houses to come to the party and introduce live sports roulette, incorporating live streams of major events such as the FIFA World Cup in particular? Football may not enjoy equal popularity in all corners of the globe, but overall, it is the world’s most popular sporting game by viewership numbers – and the US viewership figures during the last 2014 tournament in Brazil are particularly telling.

In 2014, nearly half the world’s population-3,2 billion people followed the tournament on their televisions at home, according to final FIFA and Kantar Media Figures. Of One particularly popular tournament was the 2014 FIFA World Cup set several new TV audience records in major international markets, such as the United States and Germany.

For a country that “isn’t into soccer”, the US viewership figures told a story of their own. CBS Sports reports that the Germany-Argentina final was the most-watched soccer match in America ever, attracting over 26 million viewers.

The game, therefore, seemed to enjoy staggering growth in the United States during the last World Cup, something that wasn’t lost on FIFA, US television bosses or casino innovators. Roulette is one of the most popular casino games on both sides of the Atlantic, partly because the game has been around for centuries, is easy to learn, and exciting whether in a brick-and-mortar setting or online one.

The online roulette being combines with sports streaming is live roulette, meaning players will enjoy the benefit of a live croupier, see the physical wheel being spun in real time, and hear the familiar ball dropping noises as if in a physical setting. Everything is real, and broadcast live to players who join virtually from all over the world. In this scenario, there are no bland computer-generated wheels being automated to spin.

What other sports can we expect to be rolled out in live sports roulette?

The most-watched sporting events on U.S. television according to Nielsen are the Superbowl and NFL playoffs, attracting 45,3 million viewers as measured by Nielsen and 111.3 million average viewers in millions. The Nielsen figure is an exact figure measured at a moment in time, while average figures refer to how many eyeballs watched the coverage at some point.

Close on the heels of the Superbowl are the Olympics, World Series, College Football playoffs, NBA, major tennis tournaments and The Masters in golf, particularly the final round. It is, therefore, safe to bet that live sports roulette will soon be streaming tennis, basketball, baseball, golf and more.

How to play roulette

Even if you’ve never played roulette or don´t know the live roulette rules, it’s likely you’ve seen the roulette wheel that is so synonymous with casino imagery. Because it is so easy to play, even though strategies can become very sophisticated, it is often one of the first games newcomers try their hand at.

The point of the game is to pick a number on which the ball will land. When you do so by putting your color chips on that number on the corresponding ‘board’ called the betting area, you place your bet. Each player gets a different color chip so that multiple bets can be placed on the same number – the games master or croupier will still know it’s you because of the color of your chip. There are also variations to betting on a number:

You can bet on a color (black or red)
You can bet on an odd or even number
You can bet on a combination of numbers.

There is a minimum bet you must place, for example, $5, and a maximum will also be set.
The difference between the US and European wheel
The European wheel has 37 slots. It is numbered from 0 to 36. The American wheel has 38 slots. It is numbered from 0 to 36, and contains 00.

You win nothing and the casino makes its money if the ball falls on numbers that have no bets on them. Therefore, American roulette is also referred to as double zero roulette.

The chances of this ‘00’ event happening are called the house edge. With a European wheel, the house edge is 2.63% whereas, with the American wheel, the house edge is 5.26%.

The dealer

The dealer is the one who will be making the sports commentary or facilitating it or allowing it in live sports roulette – this makes sense as he or she can suspend play between spins if a particularly exciting moment is unfolding onscreen.

You may place bets until the dealer makes the following call: “No more bets.”

A good dealer is a well-trained person and an exciting part of the game. Dealers keep the wheel gently spinning all the time, even between formal spins. The wheel-head will be traveling in one direction, but they will spin the ball in the opposite direction. It is this opposing motion that introduces the unpredictable, as it causes the ball to hop, roll, and spin before coming to a standstill on a number.

Usually, the dealer notes the winning bet with a marker. As a player, you pause until the dealer removes the marker before placing a new bet.

Live sport roulette

In this form of the game, it is the dealers who must step up their play. Usually, they are professionals who understand, love and have knowledge of the sports being played. In some cases, they will even dress up as TV presenters, further merging the lines between sports commentary and gaming. The dealers keep players informed of the latest match decisions and action, and can engage players on their burning issues as it pertains to the sports game.

In live sports roulette, a live stream of the match is displayed in the upper part of the gaming window. It may even stream the fans in the stadium in the background, giving you a real sense of being ‘at’ the game.

You’ll be able to place your bets in different chip sizes. When the game view switches to zoom in on the wheel, all bets are suspended until the spin is completed.

Sometimes, to up the excitement, there may also be mini bets that are sporting related being played in between. The format will be easy and/or like roulette. These are added promotions to add to the intensity of combining sporting and gaming codes.

Why is live sports roulette so attractive to gamers?

Besides the obvious enhanced excitement, there are several pointed reasons gamers are flocking to participate in this form of the game:

Firstly, it is live-streamed roulette. This means you have real, well-versed dealers at the helm so it feels like the authentic thing.
You won’t have to miss the latest action in the match. Your sporting news comes to you in real time. No running away to the other room or television, just one convenient screen.
Usually, a wide betting range is catered for. Both casual players and high-stakes players will have something to intrigue them.
You can talk sports with the dealers while playing your game
The live stream often replicates a TV studio so you’ll get the benefit of multiple game views, action replays, and kick-off suspense.

As if watching your favorite sports match or playing a gripping game of roulette from the convenience of your home with a real dealer wasn’t adrenalin-upping enough on its own, the gods of gaming innovation have combined the best of both worlds. With this latest gaming concept, it seems everyone wins – the casino, the players and of course, the high stakes sporting tournaments and television coverage providers. With so many participants getting an equitable slice of the pie at once, it’s no surprise that live sports roulette is fast emerging as one of the most popular online gaming experiences.